Stitching Offer


For any saree, blouse stitching is an inevitable need.

In our constant endeavour to benefit our valuable customers and to stay upfront in the market innovatively, we have come up with a concept of introducing a stitching coupon for every saree purchase a customer makes with us which can be utilized while paying their favourite tailor. The amount provided on the coupon will be subtracted from their total stitching bill of their tailor.

This will enable our customers to avail tailoring services from their own and well-known tailors with a reduced cost thereby helping us deliver dual benefit (sarees are already at the best prices in the market and a coupon from us that saves cost on stitching needs) on every order that a customer makes with us. In order to kickstart our market-first concept into action, we need our customers to help us with providing their favourite tailor's contact and other important details to us so that the service can be availed after our mutual agreement with the respective tailor.


  1. For every saree purchase from us, an extra item called "TB Stitching Coupon" will be added automatically to your cart which is totally free of cost, as a complimentary from us.

  2. Our network of tailors details are available on any product page, and if your favourite tailor is available in our list, you can choose him/her for the stitching needs utilizing the coupon sent to you. If your required tailor is not available, we would require you to fill the form by clicking Add Your Tailor by providing his/her contact information and other important details.

  3. Once the tailor details are filled and submitted to us, we will contact the tailor and will inform you over SMS and email after the tailor is registered with our network.

  4. You can now have the advantage of getting your stitching needs done with your favourite tailor at a reduced cost using the coupon we provided.